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Production and consumption of energy is changing, with greater demand for more renewable sources. CVE’s extensive experience is vital to new and innovative approaches to power generation.

With a greater understanding of the impact of our energy usage on the environment, as well as new and innovative solutions quickly becoming economically viable, communities and countries locally and globally are increasing their reliance on renewable resources to meet energy demands. From power generation to distribution, CVE has decades of experience delivering the plants and facilities that will power the future.

“CVE has extensive experience delivering the plants and facilities that will power the future.”

Our technical knowledge and experience in construction, electrical, solar farms, energy storage delivery has made us an ideal partner for designing, executing, and updating facilities for new advanced cleaner applications. Our proven technologies and materials handling solutions have allowed us to deliver projects for commercial, industrial, and utility solutions. For more than 15 years, we’ve expanded access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy through the construction of solar farms and energy storage. In these ways and more, we’re providing safe and sustainable energy solutions for today — and tomorrow.

Temporary Power Solutions

Storms and catastrophic events can leave you without power when you still need to perform work in safe areas. We understand your entire operation might halt without a reliable solution. CVE offers temporary power solutions at your location. We’ll quickly set up a temporary power source to allow you to keep a part of your business functioning through the setback. We understand the importance of keeping your company running while repairing damages.

Especially in remote areas, after a power plant goes online no ultimate feeling in the world where it makes real time difference to community life.

“Without energy there will be no progress.”

Energy Storage

Creating greener growth with integrated storage solutions. Power grids are experiencing ever ending fluctuations, situations of too much or too less electricity, expending nominal load power plants and grids to their limits.

Renewable generation is affected due to unforeseen events such as unpredictable weather. In many events power plants end up producing electricity at high or low level then it is designed for current market conditions. Energy storage balances energy flow through power conditioning and surplus energy is stored for future use. Energy is then taken and fed into the grid.

CVE is market leaders in energy storage applications, your IDEAL partner for storage, environmentally sound solutions for carbon free future.

Sports & Lighting

Our experience with Sports & Amusement Parks construction has taught us to be versatile and ingenuities in achieving the successful completion of unique projects with unmovable construction schedules and aggressive completion dates. Our exemplary history of collaborating with specialty Construction trades and engineering teams, both foreign and domestic for parks such as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Nut Tree Family Fun Park, Concord Water World Park, Legacy Soccer Complex and multiple high school and park sport fields has resulted in demanding higher performances and results from ourselves, our suppliers, and our vendors. We pride ourselves in the success of our Sport Lighting & Amusement Park projects and apply the same aggressive “Failure is not an Option” management style we learned in this environment of technically stringent projects to all our projects both small and large.

General Commercial Electrical Construction
and Design & Build

CVE has the resources and knowledge to undertake just about any job. Projects and multi skilled specialist with internal and external resources, CVE has unmatched reach and expertise. Major construction projects are complex undertakings, often involving various subcontractors and suppliers. Orchestrating such operations demands pro-active and advanced construction management — something CVE has provided for years. Utilizing 70 plus years of combined electrical construction experience, our D&B services range from small to medium scale buildings and large scale industrial and commercial projects.


With CVE’s broad range of experience in the construction of many types of Multi-Family, Hospitality, Senior Living and Senior Care Facility markets we have built a track record of success in completing large (4 to 10 floor buildings) and small mixed use and independent, managed care facilities. These projects include both new construction as well as renovation.

Our experience enables us to provide our clients with creative solutions to meet the requirements of often complicated project constructability and timelines. This service is driven by maximizing process efficiencies that typically create significant cost savings and add value to both our General Contractor clients and their Developers.

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