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Project Manger Just wanted to take a minute to thank all of the Capitol Valley Team for the fine job you performed  at the Market  5 one 5 project. This was a very difficult,  ever changing, and fast pace project .  The way the Capitol Valleys Team reacted to all the changes with the can do approach, positive feedback, and the input you provided to help to resolve some very difficult design issues was great.  I hope we can do another project together very soon.  Thanks for all the fine work.

Stan Everhart

Superintendent, Stuart James Construction

We are writing this letter to express Midstate Construction’s sincerest appreciation for your work on the Meritage Hotel and Spa project. Thanks largely to your work and positive attitude, the project finished on time and the owner was very happy with both the process and the finished product.  We had some excellent subcontractors and suppliers on this project, but of the approximately 120 venders we used, Capitol Valley electric was clearly the best.  If we had only a “very good contractor” nit is unlikely we would have finished on time. 

On the project management side, you were proactive in helping us to resolve technical issues and fair and prompt with change orders pricing and monthly billings. We appreciate that you also actively managed your fire and data subcontractors, and often came to the site to ensure that your field personal and subcontractors were preforming to your standards.

On the field side Pat Middleton was exceptional. Its difficult to imagine ever having worked with a subcontractor’s field superintendent with his combination of knowledge, organization, management skills and dedication.  We were impressed with Bo’s work and dedication in assisting Pat, and the rest of the Capitol Valley electric team’s focus and dedication to the project. This was a large and varied project with many activities competing for priority.  A recurring theme in our internal scheduling meetings was that we would struggle to prioritize tasks for other subcontractors, but not with Capitol valley electric. Pat and his team seemed to be able to handle all of the task at the same time and were almost always ready ahead of where we needed them to be. 

It was a pleasure working with you on this project and we look forward to working with you again.

Dana Vallomont

Dana Vallomont , Midstate Construction

Just wanted to take a quick minute to commend the CVE team and the condition of their office trailer. It is set up efficiently, clean, 5-S and overall, one of the best I have seen from other business partners. The cabinetry with the locks is also great to see.

Thank you for setting the field team up for success. I did my initial safety inspection yesterday, and there are a couple of small items needing to be rectified, but Bernd is on the case. Unfortunately, we usually only hear what is not going right, especially us safety folks unfortunately, but have to give credit where it is due. I was very pleased with the team and onsite leadership.

Thank you for setting a great and safe standard. I wish my other business partners had the same mentality.
Take care and stay safe and healthy.

Andrew T. Kirby, CHST

Safety Manager, REC Solar, a Duke Energy Renewables Company

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