Management Philosophy

Construction Management

Capitol Valley Electric Inc. has maintained an impeccable reputation for client satisfaction. Our growth and success since 2004 has been built on our commitment to our clients and the successful completion of their projects. We live by a “Pro-Active” Management style that ripples out through our entire staff. We maintain a “Low Maintenance Sub-Contractor” status with our General Contractors and always strive to meet or exceed expectations by expediting schedules with little guidance. We take pride in our construction knowledge and experience and put both to work on each and every project. We use our expertise to manage man power, speed up timelines and coordinate other trades to maximize allotted project tasks.

Our philosophy in completing a project is that we are part of our Contractor’s team. We honor the same commitments to our contractor as they honor to their customers.    We value our client’s best interests in representing them to their clients and the community. We do not charge for scope discrepancies once a project is negotiated and contracted and will always coordinate a satisfactory solution with our GC to fill any unexpected holes in ours or their scope.

Our field crews are certified per the state of California and are professional, safe, experienced technicians expertly managed so as to obtain the best results for our clients.

Field Management

Our Field Management staff consists of Field Superintendents and Project Foremen. We believe that Field Management is critical in executing our company goals and management. The Superintendents and Foremen are part of the project hand off from Estimating to Operations to insure they fully understand our scope and what we have promised our clients.

Our Foremen carefully review all drawings and contract documents ahead of time to identify any constructibility issues before they could impact the budget or schedule. They work with the Superintendents to plot out long term schedules and to increase or decrease man power as needed in order to meet project schedules. We also perform weekly safety meetings to insure safety awareness is always a priority.

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